Zipline in Bhimtal


Zipline is an outdoor recreational and adventurous activity in which a free-moving pulley is attached along a moving steel cable with a protective belt to keep you moving around beautiful sceneries. Zipline in Bhimtal comes as an exciting and thrilling adventure for visitors. It is a popular adventure sport that allows you to fly through the air while enjoying astonishing views of the natural beauty.

A step-by-step explanation of zipline in Bhimtal:


Zipline in Naukuchiatal is in scenic areas around the Naukuchiatal Lake, often amidst forests or near lush mountains. The path consists of a series of steel cables securely anchored between two points, which can be platforms, trees, or hills.

Safety Briefing:

Before starting the zipline adventure, trained instructors give a safety briefing to all the participants. They explain the equipment, and safety procedures, and provide instructions on how to properly use the gear.

Gear Up:

Participants are provided with safety gear, including a harness, helmet, and sometimes gloves. The instructors guide on how to wear and adjust the equipment to ensure a secure fit.


Once have all the safety gears, participants are individually attached to the zipline cable using a specialized pulley system. The harness is connected to the pulley, which allows them to slide along the cable.

Takeoff Platform:

Participants are led to the takeoff platform, which is usually an elevated platform or a sturdy structure built specifically for the zipline activity. From here, they prepare to launch into the air.


With the guidance of the instructors, participants push off or are released from the takeoff platform. Gravity propels them along the zipline cable, and they start gliding through the air. They can admire the stunning views of Bhimtal’s landscapes, including the surrounding hills, forests, and sometimes even the lake itself.

Landing Platform:

At the end of the zipline, there is a designated landing platform. Instructors stationed at the landing platform help participants slow down and come to a stop safely.


On landing safely, the instructors waiting on the other side of the ropeway unharness the participants. They may have the opportunity to share their experience and ask any questions they have.

Ziplining in Naukuchiatal is not only an adventurous activity but also provides a unique way to appreciate the natural beauty of the area. It’s important to note that the instructors of the activity strictly follow safety measures, and professional instructors are present throughout the experience to ensure the well-being of participants. Therefore, if you want an adrenaline rush while immersing in the scenic views of Bhimtal, this is the best activity to perform.

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