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Horse riding

Horse riding is quite a popular activity in Bhimtal. Enjoy riding a horse through the town and exploring the natural beauty. There are many clubs and stables in Bhimtal offering this amazing experience where you can even get riding lessons and guided tours. Riding horses is a very fun activity and when you’re doing it… Continue reading Horse riding


While Bhimtal is primarily known for its stunning lake and surrounding natural beauty, it may not offer extensive trekking opportunities within the immediate vicinity. However, there are several trekking trails and destinations located near Bhimtal that you can explore. Bhimtal and Naukuchiatal have hills and mountains surrounding them and offer plenty of opportunities for visitors… Continue reading Trekking


The Bhimtal region has 3 beautiful lakes – Bhimtal, Sat Tal, and Naukuchiatal. Tourists frequently visit these lakes to enjoy boating and fishing. A boat ride to Bhimtal Island is certainly a wonderful experience. There is also an aquarium on the island that is awe-inspiring. The Bhimtal and Naukuchaital lakes are the major attraction for… Continue reading Boating


Zipline is an outdoor recreational and adventurous activity in which a free-moving pulley is attached along a moving steel cable with a protective belt to keep you moving around beautiful sceneries. Zipline in Bhimtal comes as an exciting and thrilling adventure for visitors. It is a popular adventure sport that allows you to fly through… Continue reading ZipLine

Water Zorbing

Do you want to walk on water? Yes, you read it right. We are talking about walking on water which is possible with the “Water Zorbing” activity. Water zorbing is a thrilling activity that allows experiencing the sensation of walking on water. With the help of a water zorb, participants can embark across the surface… Continue reading Water Zorbing

Air Balloon

Hot air balloon ride of the popular adventures air sports adventures. The ride is full of excitement and uncertainty. The thrilling experience of flying in the air with the leashed balloon attached to the ground. This trip provides a panoramic view of the magnificent Naukuchiatal Lake and the surrounding valley. 3-4 persons can fit in… Continue reading Air Balloon


Adventure enthusiasts who love to experience an adrenaline rush can try paragliding in Bhimtal. The region’s stunning landscapes are perfect for a spine-tingling paragliding experience while relaxing close to nature. Paragliding in Bhimtal, and Paragliding in Naukuchiatal, Uttarakhand is the fastest-growing adventure activity attracting adventure seekers from all across. The entire district is famous for… Continue reading Paragliding